“Challenges”, “Run & Sketch”, “Workspaces”, these are on going series that are feeding my daily life in a playfull way. 


2022, on going.  Drawing challenges, with a rule of 3 topic based illustrations per week, on A5 vertical paper.  The themes are proposed chosen by myself, by relatives or friends, or online by others. They can touch all subjects, from current events, a feeling, a place, a random word, a personal environment. The drawings are scanned and published every week on this website and on social networks. 

Challenge 0003 - W.12 - 2022 - (DES-)INFORMATION?

(DES-)INFORMATION Challenge 0003 - Week12 2022, 24.03.22; (1) Ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm

(#desinformation #information #interpretation #informationtransformation #lunettes #glasses #behindtheglasses #apparences #erscheinungen #brille #lunettesroses #filtres #fakenews #behindthecurtain #espritcritique #criticalmind #doyoubelievewhatyousee? #appearances)

Challenge 0002 - W.11 - 2022 - DECENTRALIZED?

DECENTRALIZED? Challenge 0002 - Week11 2022, 17/18/19.03.22; (1) No soul, no rest, no overview, just an infinite and uncontrollable network, create by humans but taking its own power…; (2) Remembering the informal settlements in Bogota, up to the horizon..(3) Organic internet, Mycelium Network; 
Ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm  

Challenge 0001 - W.10 - 2022 - PEACE? 

PEACE? Challenge 0001, Week10 2022, 07.03.2022, 01/02/03, Ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm


2022, on going. To each his method! I’m experimenting a new one to force myself to take one step outside, then two, then ten thousand. Let's hope for the long term.
The sketches are a diary of the things that have marked me during each jog; some done on the spot, but most in retrospect from photos taken while running. Free format.

RUN & SKETCH - Session 01 - 04th. April 2022

Run and sketch, session 01, 04.04.22 ; Wollishofen, Zürich, pencil and ink on paper, 148 x 106 mm and 148 x 210 mm.

(Public) Workspace? For well-being, innovative and creative thinking

2022, on going.  Faced with my own autonomy and sudden independence, the need to find a place to work imposed itself on me. This new freedom confuses me at first sight, I have been unused to it for a long time. After a few days at home, alone with myself, and in an atmosphere that was certainly pleasant at first, but with hints of lock down, I forced myself to take a step out of my home, and to seize this new opportunity. A choice that seems to be a luxury when you don't have it, but that pushes you to question the (public) work spaces.
A café, a coworking space, a library... are these places really public, and to what extent? What makes me feel good there or not? What are the places that people prefer to come to concentrate or have a work discussion? What kind of space, what kind of light, what kind of sound? Are there conditions that are more conducive to innovation and creativity? The covid crisis has forced us to become more mobile at work, we were less limited to a specific place. In theory, a phone, a laptop, internet and an electrical outlet and we're there. But is that really enough? What about quality and well-being?
Being myself in search of inspiring places to work in the days and months to come, and being totally mobile, I will document all the places I go to work; public spaces, cafes, libraries, and of course my own apartment, focusing on spatiality and atmosphere, and on what I feel. This immersion and its retranscription will be done in words, a little, in the form of a personal diary, but mostly in drawings, and in architectural documentation afterwards, on the places explored and felt. The support, A5 paper, vertical. The cities? Everywhere I am, starting with Zürich.

(Public) Workspace 0003 -Kosmos, Zürich - 28.03.22

SK, 28.03.22, Kosmos, Zürich.

(Public) Workspace? For well-being, innovative and creative thinking, Kosmos, Zürich, 28.03.2022, Watercolor, white acrylic pen & pencil on paper, 297 x 210 mm

(Public) Workspace 0002 - Z am Park, Zürich - 25.03.22

SK, 25.03.22, Z am Park, Zürich. Found my spot on a sunny friday afternnoon, in an "in-between", outside/inside. Very nice and colorful casual atmosphere, most people enjoy the sun on the lively terrasse, which lets me be a little more quiet to work.

(Public) Workspace? For well-being, innovative and creative thinking, Z am Park, Zürich, 25.03.2022, Watercolor, white acrylic pen & pencil on paper, 297 x 210 mm

(Public) Workspace 0001- Kraftwerk, Zürich - 16.03.22

SK, 16.03.22, Kraftwerk, Zürich. A bit of an easy choice to start with, but curiosity led me to push the door open, and spend the afternoon there, in a world of wood, ceramics, metal beams and brightly colored corrugated steel, glass, leather, concrete, and colorful fabrics.

(Public) Workspace? For well-being, innovative and creative thinking, 0001/01, Kraftwerk, Zürich, 16.03.2022, Watercolor & pencil on paper, 148 x 210 mm