Since 1995. It all starts when, as children, we scribble on large sheets of paper with markers and colored pencils. Some will keep their pencils in their hands all their life, others will put them down one day and will never draw anymore, sometimes by lack of interest, by shyness, or just by lack of confidence. Others will stop for a while, then take out their pencils again, as teenagers, and escape into the sides of their notebooks during school hours; still others, already adults, will scribble on a post-it note, placed on the table, during a too long phone call. Let's stop for a moment on these last two cases.  When we are bored, a meditative phenomenon takes place. This is the perfect moment to activate our pens and let ourselves be carried away by the movements of our thoughts and our hands. The results can be astonishing, as if out of nowhere, and are much more valuable than we might think. They reveal parts of us that we ourselves are sometimes unaware of. The following drawings are the result of this process. 

Spaces and distortions; expressing the fluidity of the mind; ink on paper, 2015

Two-dimensional Mediative Abstract Spaces

Meditative movements on paper, 2015; (1)(2) black ink on white paper, (3) white felt pen on black paper

Illustrations for a calendar; Spaces and distortions; expressing the fluidity of the mind, 2015; ink on paper

Meditative movements on paper, two dimentional spaces; 2019, in a train; Black and white ink on paper

Meditative movements on paper, two dimentional spaces; (1) Skyscrapers, (2) Islands, (3) Sweets in the night,(4) “Bien rangé”, (5) Petales, (6) Windows, 2019, ink and acrilic on paper, 148 x 210 mm

“Colors called Joy”, 2015, watercolor on paper and watercolor on a cardboard puzzle

“Le vent dans un chant de fleurs”, 2021 ; Watercolor on paper


(1) “La danse des mots”,(2) “Explosion, slow motion”, (3)“Arrêt sur image” (6)”Nuages, flaques, ou ce que vous voyez”, (5) “Reflets, métal, liquide”, (6)*Suivre les courbes d’une fleur, s’y fondre et disparaître”, (7) “Cristaux, terre”, (8) “Ceux qui se tiennent”, (9) “The Candy shop”, (10) “Reflets, distorsions, monde mouvant”; August 2019, Basel; Ink on paper (post-its)

Three-dimensional Mediative Abstract Spaces

“Le voyage sans issue”, 2019; Ink on paper


“Travelling in the territories of my mind”, 2018; Ink on paper

(1) Lasagne,(2) Fyling textile in the wind, 2018; Ink and pencil on paper, 148 x 210 mm

(1) Se promener, (2) Between walls, (3) Bench, (4) Machine,(5) Soft urban furnitures , Ink, pencil, water color and acrylik on paper, 148 x 210 mm

“Implosions, from last night’s dream”, 2018; Ink and watercolor on paper

(1) Frontal, (2) Jewels, (3) Jewels, (4) Stick together, (5) Eyes, (6) Spread in space, 2018; Ink and acrylik on paper, 105 x 146 mm

Topic based Illustration 

The following drawings belong to a more figurative category, and are based on the observation of everyday objects and plants, as well as illustrations based on a specific theme, such as musical instruments, the Christmas period, and many others. Here are some selected examples.  
“Elegance?”, Zürich, 2018, Pencil and watercolor on paper

(1) “Feux d’artifice”, 2019, Zürich; Ink on paper; (2)”Welcome home, lovely plant” 2020, Zürich, Pencil on paper

Pluie de guitares, Switzerland, 2020; Watercolor on paper

The nutcracker taking life at Christmas, Zürich, 2020; Ink on Paper

Christmas cards on Christmas 2020, Zürich, Ink on paper