Ces lieux-là, ceux que j’aurai dessinés, je ne les oublirai pas; ils seront inscrits plus forts en moi, comme si la main les avait mémorisés, comme s’ils faisaient partie de mon corps autant que j’ai fait partie du leur. Ces lieux-là, j’en entends encore les sons, bien des années après, leur poésie me revient, je les aime plus fort.


Since 2012, Switzerland; Valais, Fribourg, Zürich, Basel, Kanton Obwald, Rigi, Chäserugg, Lemanic Region, ...

It all starts in 2012 in the French speaking part of Switzerland, with the discovery of the medieval city of Fribourg, a place to live, study and work. A lot of time will also be spent in Lausanne, Geneva and Bern. These times will be marked by the fascination for the old medieval cities, the charm of the mountains and the sweetness of the Swiss nature.  A second period of living in Switzerland starts in 2017 between Zürich and Basel. More than a linguistic training, it is also a professional emancipation, towards more independence. The architecture of Herzog and de Meuron impregnate and nourish strongly the first years of this period. In this chapter are gathered a non-exhaustive selection of drawings from the daily life in Switzerland, since 2012.

Fribourg (Sarine, Grand Rue, Tilleul, Personal Appartment,2013; Basel (Roche Towers and the Rhine in prospective, Herzog and de Meuron Office in basel),2018; St. Gallen (Helvetia Headquarters, HdM) 2018; pencil on paper and watercolor


Interior of the Grand Chalet Favre, Restaurant, St. Luc, Val d’Anniviers; april 2022, pencil and watercolor on paper, 148 x 210 mm 

(1)Interior of the Grand Chalet Favre, Salon, St. Luc, Val d’Anniviers; april 2022, pencil and watercolor on paper, 240 x 180 mm

Kanton Obwald

Sachseln, Flüeli-Ranft, March 2022.  It is a journey through time, to the geographical center of Switzerland, in search of the famous "Bruder Klaus". The sound of the birds and the forest that wakes up slowly in these last days of winter guide us from the hotel Pax-Montana, to the chapels that were, almost six centuries ago, those of Bruder Klaus, passing by the house where he lived, dating from 1445.  At the end of this walk, the pure and transparent river, with its soft pebbles and rejuvenating energy, leaves us speechless in front of such a beautiful and soothing place. A luxury in these troubled times, a place of meditation, certainly.

“In the search of Bruder Klaus”, (1) Hotel Pax Montana, (2)”Wohnhaus von Niklaus & Dorothee”, (3) Zelle des Bruder Klaus, (4)(5) Untere Ranft-Kapelle, Flüeli-Ranft, Sachseln, Switzerland, March 2022; pencil on paper


Zürich, my lovely city, you where i’ve been for some time passing through your streets like a ghost, heading to the train station to get away to Basel; you, that i’m re-discovering now every day and that i love more and more. Your dynamism, your architecture, your kindness. 

(1) Hot wine and christmas mood at Sihl city, 2020, Zürich, Switzerand, ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm, (2) “Synagoge "Löwenstrasse" der Israelitischen Cultusgemeinde Zürich (ICZ)”, view from the Babu’s Café, Zürich, Switzerland, pencil on braun paper,148 x 210 mm

(1) Bibliothek der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Instituts der Universität Zürich, Santiago Calatrava, Zürich, 2020; pencil and watercolor on paper, 148 x 210 mm;(2)Tamedia Office Building, Shigeru Ban Architects, ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm; (3) “Rave” next to the Rote Fabrik, Zürich, ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm

Kiosk on the parc Platzsitz, sketch at lunch, Zürich, 09.04.2021, pencil and watercolor on paper, 297 x 210 mm

Münsterhof, quick sketch on a fresh friday morning of spring, Zürich, 25.03.2022, pencil on paper, 297 x 210 mm


Basel, between 2017 and 2019. Two years transiting between Basel and Zürich, living in - and between - both cities, nourished by the richness and exceptional encounters at Herzog & de Meuron.  

(1)Roche Bau 1 and Roche Bau 2 under construction, Base, 2017; Watercolor on paper, (2)Roche Towers, during plannification (Roche Bau 2, unbuilt at that time), Basel; ink, acrylic,pencil brown paper and collage of transparent papers on brown paper, 2018  

(1)Roche Towers and the Rhine in prospective, (2)Herzog and de Meuron Office on Rhine side, (3)Herzog and de Meuron Office on St.-Johanns-Tor side, (4)Roche Towers and the Rhine in prospective, (5)St.-Johanns-Tor, Basel, 2018; Watercolor and pencil on paper

(1)St.-Johanns-Tor, 95 kilometers from home, 2018, Basel, pencil on paper, 148 x 210 mm; (2) Roche Bau 1 und Kasern, 2019, Basel, ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm; (3) Visit of the construction site of Meret Oppenheim,2018, Basel, ink and filled pen on paper, 148 x 210 mm

Herzog and de Meuron Office, Basel, 2018; Pencil on paper

Facades of Herzog and de Meuron’s buildings, Basel: (1)Messe, (2)Elsässertor, (3) Novartis,(4)Südpark, 2018; Felt pen and ink on paper, Pencil on paper

(1)Actelion Reserch and Laboratory Building, Allschwil, 2018; (2) St.Jakob Park, Basel, 2018; Pencil on paper

St. Gallen

Helvetia, Extension of Head Office, St. Gallen, Herzog & de Meuron, 2019; Pencil and watercolor on paper


Fribourg, 2012 to 2015 , “Fribourg… mes premières impressions suisses, la vieille ville et ses clochers qui m’ont servi de réveil, le marché du samedi matin dans la grand rue, au bas de ma fenêtre, l’adrénaline et la magie de la Saint-Nicolas avec les chœurs Saint-Michel, la folie du Carnaval, les belles et longues soirées de Jazz à la Spirale, les « Drambuie » au Banshees, la douceur de l’été et de la Sarine, les cafés pleins de douceurs qui ont inspirés mes carnets de croquis, les printemps au Belvédère, les gorges du Gottéron, comme un voyage dans le temps, les apéros de l’ancienne gare et du Cyclo, les rencontres avec tous ceux que je ne nommerai pas ici mais qui restent dans mon cœur - je n’oublie rien, rien de tout, rien de vous!” About Fribourg, written in 2020

Old city of Fribourg from the district of “Neuveville”, 2014; Ink on paper

Old city of Fribourg; Bourg District, (1) Clocktower of the Hotel de ville, (2) Route des Alpes et rue du Tilleul,(3) Grand Rue and Cathedral, 2014, Pencil on pencil

Old city of Fribourg; Bourg District, (1) Grand Rue, 67, Fribourg, on a satuday market morning,2014 (2) Grand Rue, 67 and Cathedral, Fribourg, on a saturday market morning, 2014; Pencil on paper

Reading and drawing in a café, Fribourg, 2014; Pencil and watercolor on paper

Old city of Fribourg; Bourg District, (1)Cathedral, 6 min. drawing, (2)Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Tilleul from the Café des Arcades, 2014; Pencil and ink on paper

Summer day at the “Pont du milieu”, Fribourg, 2013; ink on paper

Live concerts in swiss churces; (1)Concert of the “Choeurs St.Michel”, St.Michel Church, Fribourg, 2014; (2)“Cantate de Bach”, Französische Kirche, Bern, 2014; Pencil on paper

Atmosphere in the Café des Arcades, Fribourg, 2014; pencil on paper, on the back of a Placemat

Spending time and reflecting in the Cafes of Fribourg and Bern; (1)Café de la Presse, Fribourg, (2) Café de l’ancienne gare, (3) Kornhauskeller, Bern; (4) Back home, private appartment in the Grand Rue of Fribourg; 2014; Pencil and ink on paper

View on the Grand Rue, from my window, private appartment in the Grand Rue of Fribourg; 2014; Pencil and watercolor on paper

Lemanic Region

Geneva, 2012; Chillon 2015; to immerse oneself in the great architectures, witnesses of all times of history, can only be an enrichment. Let's be curious.

Immeuble Clarté, Le Corbusier, Geneva, 2012; Chateau de Chillon, Chillon, 2015;
Watercolor and pencil on paper

Mountain Rigi, Lucerne Canton 

A little paradise on top of the “Vierwaldstättersee”...

(1) Rigi Bahn, 2019, Switzerland, Watercolor and ink on paper, 148 x 210 mm; (2) A house on the Rigi mountain, 2019, Switzerland, Pencil on paper, 148 x 210 mm 

A Short visit in Chäserrugg

Chäserugg, 2019; A world of wood and snow that plays the balancing act on top of a mountain.

Chäserrug, Herzog & de Meuron,  Unterwasser; 2019; Watercolor on paper

Bosnia Herzegovina

2022. Sarajevo as an openair european artistic laboratory for the intercultural and multi-ethnic relationships  Ongoing project.

Sarajevo, a city and its people, February 2022; ink on paper


2018, 2020, 2021, Vienna. A city of culture, delicacy, architecture, painting, palaces, exhibitions, vineyards, cafés. This chapter brings together drawings made at three different times, in totally different seasons, with, at first, almost no knowledge of the city, and then by building landmarks in the mind, based on strong memories, difficult to place on a map but strong in the imagination of the city.

Karl Marx Hof, Vienna, 2018; Pencil and acrylic pen on paper


2021, Hungary. In the context of a road trip by minivan in 2021, we moved to the east. Starting from Zürich, we drove through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, returning to Switzerland via Germany. The travel diaries tell the story of this journey.

In this chapter are collected the sketches made in Hungary, along the Balaton lake, in the impressive and inspiring city of Budapest, in the city of Eger, on the Tisza-to lake, and in the Bükki national park, near Miskolc.

A metal giant that links the two parts of the city; Liberty Bridge at night, Budapest, Hungary 2021, pencil on paper


Poland, between 2016 and 2021. The land of part of my origins, remains full of mysteries and will undoubtedly be a place of research in the future. Since 2016 and repeatedly, several trips have been made to the country. The Bieszczady National Park on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border, and the region of Krakow, then again Kalisz were explored, in the context of a road trip by minivan in 2021. This trip had started in Zurich, from where we drove through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, returning to Switzerland via Germany. The travel diaries tell the story of this journey. In this chapter are gathered a very brief selection of drawings and thoughts made during the first trip.

(1) Gołuchów Castel, Gołuchów, Poland; (2) Town Hall of Kalisz, Poland, 2016; Watercolor and pencil on paper


Kalisz, 2016. A charming little Polish town that has been renewing itself exceptionally in recent years. The experience was made, this summer 2016, of the encounter between the stories of its inhabitants about their life in this city during the last fifty years, and an outside look at its buildings and its center in full transformation. The idea of confrontation between those who know their city best and those from elsewhere, who discover it and draw its lines for the first time, will be explored in the coming months. To be continued.

Church in Kalisz, Summer 2016, Poland; Watercolor and pencil on paper

Żubr,Gołuchów, 2016, Poland; Watercolor and pencil on paper


2021, Slovenia. In the context of a road trip by minivan in 2021, we moved to the east. Starting from Zürich, we drove through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, returning to Switzerland via Germany. The travel diaries tell the story of this journey.

In this chapter are gathered the sketches made in Slovenia, in the Triglav mountains, the village of Loški grad, the charming and innovative city of Ljubljana, and the cities of Celje and Maribor.  

Cobblers Bridge, 3 min. sketch, Ljubljana, 2021, pencil on paper


China, 2014. To discover a world where everything is so different and unexpected, where landmarks are lost and where what we thought was “the truth” is questioned. To immerse oneself in these lands, conducive to total questioning, is at the heart of Place and Paper's ambition. To push the limits, to get out of the comfort zones, and to write everything down on paper, so as not to lose anything from the process of this experience.
Drawing is a powerful tool to grow as a global citizen. 


Bejing, 2014. During the development and construction of a bamboo architectural project, we explored several regions in China, including Beijing.  In addition to documenting this trip in the travel books, the drawing served as a means of communication with the people we met, with whom we did not have a common language. A small excerpt from the travel books is presented here, ranging from contemporary architecture to legendary historical monuments that make up the history and reputation of China worldwide. 

The Great Wall of China, 2014, Watercolor and pencil on paper

Extracts from sketchbooks, sketches done in China in 2014; (1) Galaxy Soho, Zaha Hadid, Bejing; The Great Wall of China; (3) Bike in a street of Bejing;(4) CCTV Tower, Rem Koohlaas, Bejing; (5) Summer Palace, Dragon, Bejing; (6); Temple of heaven, Bejing; 2014, Watercolor and pencil on brown paper

“Bird’s Nest, Stadium for the Olympic Games of 2008, Herzog & de Meuron, Bejing,2014; Pencil, ink and watercolor on paper

Ningbo Region, Bamboo Project “FOR-REST”

Ningbo, 2014. Construction and project management, of “FOR-REST”, a Bamboo Housing Project in collaboration with HAPE Toys and the BFH (Bern University of Applied Sciences) Ningbo, China.

Project “FOR-REST”, Bamboo house in Ningbo, District of Beilùn, Realized in 2014;
(1) View from the Bathroom, to the sky, (2) view into the sleeping room, (3) view on the living-room from the terrasse,(4) View on the entrance; 2014, Ningbo, China; Pencil, ink and watercolor on paper

United Kingdom

2019, 2020,  London. A city dreamed many times, as if the imagination had built a “parallel London” in the mind,  before setting foot there. The exercise, in a place so present in the imagination, is to deconstruct the ideas that had been made before, and to reconstruct on the basis of senses and observation in situ.

Lloyd’s of London(1986), Richard Rogers, Buisness district, London, 2020; Ink on paper


2019, Colombia.  A colorful journey, starting in Bogota, then north to Santa Marta, Carthagena, to the islands of San Andres and Providencia, and then back to Bogota.

Strolling through the streets of Bogota, flashed by the intensity of the colors. september 2019, Bogota, Colombia; Pencil on paper


Italy, since 2012. Because of its proximity to Switzerland, Italy has been the site of several trips and workshops. The cities of Rome and Venice have been a particular source of inspiration, emancipation and artistic development. Here is a selection of some of these trips, which have left a strong imprint and have contributed to the ambition of discovering the world with a sketchbook in hand.


Rome, 2013. In this beautiful summer, we are walking through the city of Rome at a crazy pace. We are all absorbing what we see, feel, glimpse, and write down on paper everything that comes to us, sometimes even while walking. This group escapade was guided by Claire Nydegger, a painter from the canton of Vaud, who has lived in Rome and knows the city and its history well.  The common passion uniting the group and the thirst for discovery gave birth to an exceptional and revealing dynamic during this intense week.

“Regard coté forum”, view form the Coliseum on the Temple of Venus; Rome, 2013, Pencil on paper

“...Mais il faut marcher...”, two minute sketch while walking in Rome, 2013, Pencil and ink on paper

Museum of Contemporary Art, Studio Odile Deck, Rome, 2013; Watercolor and pencil on paper

View from the Terrasse of our Hotel, S. Giovanni in Laterno, Rome, 2013; Pencil and watercolor on paper


Milan, 2014. Lines on a paper, can bring back sounds, and recreate a space and its materials in the human mind. This is one the magical things about drawing. Is it due to the fact that it involved a moment of intense attention, or is it due to the movement of the hand and the process of transcribing between perception by the senses and action on paper?

On the way to Venice, waiting for a train, 2014, Milan train station; Ink on paper


Sicily, 2017.  Without being able to remember the name of a place, it can nevertheless keep a strong imprint in our mind, even without drawing it. But with time and in spite of ourselves, our conscious memories gradually fade away and our brain leaves us with only a small portion of them. This can remain one of the great tragedies of one’s existence, taht one only realizes while growing up. Drawing can be a unique instrument to not forget, and to mark the importance that they deserve to certain places and events. The impulse to draw can therefore also come from the personal need to remember. In the long run, it will be a great source of transmission. It can be ideas and experiences that are buried in the past, and that we would not have imagined wanting to transmitt to someone on at the present moment, but that become important in the history of a life, with hindsight. A journey through time, strictly speaking. And isn't transmission even the essence of life? À méditer.

“Faire renaître nos souvenirs, noyés dans le temps”; View from a terrasse, in november 2017, Sicily, Pencil and coffee on paper